Intruder Alarms


Gallagher’s Command Centre alarm configuration allows system administrators to define events that require urgent operator intervention as alarms, for example, a door being left open, an intruder alarm sounding or a device being tampered with. 

Three items are configured for each alarm:

-Event priorities: Up to 10 priorities can be defined, eight of which can be assigned to alarms
-Alarm action plans: Specifies the actions triggered by the alarm condition
-Alarm instructions: Provides information to the operator when the alarm occurs.

The alarm viewers are custom designed to present all the information an operator needs to manage an alarm in one screen and Command Centre hosts various options that provide easier cross-coverage of operator workloads.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring and Control

Intruder detection zones can be configured to report four different states: arm; disarm and two further states named by the user.

Entry and exit delays can be defined for each zone giving cardholders time to enter and leave when changing the state of the alarm zone.

Alarm zone state changes can be initiated:

-Via automated schedules set up in the Command Centre
-From workstations via operator overrides
-Via Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals
-Via Gallagher readers
-Via Key-Switch control.

Operators monitor alarms at Command Centre workstations, complemented by:

-Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals for alarms management in the field
-Offsite alarm monitoring using Contact ID transmitted via Gallagher Controllers using a physical PSTN alarms dialler or IP alarms transmission over IP LAN/WAN or cellular network.
Site Lockdown:

Access zones can be configured for partial or full-site lockdown during threat or emergency situations. Site lockdown ensures that only selected cardholders can enter or exit a zone(s).

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